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2017-2018 Details and Pre-Registration

REAL Science Challenge 2017-2018

I love competitions. They bring people together and help build team spirit. They reinforce skills I’ve been practicing and expose my weaknesses. And, frankly, they’re fun to do. Some of my best memories in high school include playing volleyball on the school team and playing 3-4 times a week for the entire season.

I wanted something similar for science: a science contest or league where students competed with each other on an ongoing basis, got to test their science skill, and became a closer, tight knit community because of it.. Unfortunately, when I went in search for a science competition my students could participate in, they all had the same limitations:

  • Most science competitions are one-off events
  • A lot of science competitions are in another city
  • Many Science competitions are expensive to do because special equipment (ex. Robotics kits) are required.

REAL (Awesome) Science Contest

That’s why we created the REAL Science Challenge (REAL stands for Relevant, Engaging, Applied Learning). The REAL Science Challenge is a science contest comprised of 4 separate challenges written throughout the year. The REAL Science Challenge tests for science skills like reasoning, critical thinking, data analysis as opposed to science content. Developed for students in Grades 8 and 9, the goal of the REAL Science challenge is to build a passionate science community in schools by giving students the chance to compete with others from around the world.

And, participating in the REAL Science challenge is simple to do. Administering teachers just need to print out the provided personalized bubble sheets and tests for students, have students complete the science contest on the scheduled date, and scan and email completed bubble sheets back to us for marking.


Here are some details for the 2017-2018 season.


October 24, 25 – REAL Science Challenge Vol.2 Test 1

November 27 – Dec 1 – REAL Science Challenge Vol 2 Test 2

February 19 – 23 – REAL Science Challenge Vol. 2 Test 3

April 16 – 20 – REAL Science Challenge Vol. 2 Test 4



Individual Awards are given to the top 10% of challenge participants.

Team Awards are given to top school teams.


Registration Fees (prices are in Canadian dollars)

Standard: $9 per student*

Early Bird*: $7 per student

*all 4 exams are covered by the one registration fee
**Early Bird deadline: Friday, October 6, 2017
*** Unused contests cannot be refunded or converted for future credit.

****contest fees may be subject to regional and national tax rates


Special Offer!

With the 2017-2018 contest season already half done, we want to give students who missed out on registering for our contest season to try at least one. Therefore, teachers can register students to participate in one of our last couple of REAL Science Challenge Vol. 2 contests for free. Register today!

Click Here to register for our special offer

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