#12 – Red Jellybeans are the best ones (and 10 other intro CER examples)

CER (Claim Evidence Reasoning) is an effective way for students to structure their conclusions by wrapping together their lab evidence and science reasoning. However, do you need a simple, low-barrier-to-entry example to intro CER (Claim Evidence Reasoning)? I do. Even though I have CER infographics from Blog 4 to show my students fun science CER examples, I still need something to intro CER. Something we can discuss and create as a class. And, preferably, something that all students can relate to.


That’s what I was thinking as I stood in front of my class one day as I was just about to show the infographics. I thought, “these examples are fun but still a little too scientific. I need something students can talk about now” So, I came up with this intro CER claim: “Red Jellybeans are the best ones.”


Keeping Intro CER examples simple

It’s a claim that students can at least can discuss (because most students know what jellybeans are) even if they don’t agree with the statement. It’s an example with a low barrier of entry. When we discuss the claim in class, I tell the students to assume the claim to be true. Then, I ask, “what quantitative evidence and scientific reasoning can we use to support this claim?” And, instead of getting blank looks onto students’ faces, I get back some thoughtful responses. If you want a copy of our Jellybean discussion notes, you can download it at the end of the post.


Back in Blog 10, I wrote about teaching with examples that students from all over the world can connect with (in that activity, it was gas prices). I am saying the same when coming up with simple intro CER examples. Here are 11 intro CER statements you can use for class discussions.


  1. Red Jellybeans are the best10ones..
  2. Television is the most important invention of the 20th Century.
  3. Gas prices are lower in developing (ie third world) nations
  4. Seafood-based diets are healthier for you.
  5. Tea is the most popular drink in the world
  6. Students studying math online do better than those studying math in the traditional classroom.
  7. More young adults under the age of 30 tare living with their parents today.
  8. People are saving more money for retirement today.
  9. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world
  10. Taylor Swift is the greatest performer of all time.
  11. Chicken soup is a good remedy for a cold.


Wrap Up

Again, during discussion, tell students to assume the claims to be true and then to ask for quantitative evidence and scientific reasoning to support the claims. Note: the statements are not for debate. If you want the Jellybean discussion notes, click the link below and subscribe to our email list. A copy of our notes will be sent to you.


For Red Jellybeans Discussion Notes, Click Here


Until next time, keep it REAL.

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